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MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows.

Since May 1st 2003, the Matroska libraries themselves and my Matroska tools are officially available. I urge you to download the software, use it and report any errors you encounter to me. I'm always grateful for good bug reports because I make mistakes and you guys normally find them. Your feedback is important to me :)


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  • 2019-12-06: Released v41.0.0 (
  • 2019-11-05: Released v40.0.0 (
  • 2019-11-05: Added binaries for Fedora 31.
  • 2019-11-04: Released v39.0.0 (
  • 2019-11-02: Starting with the next release, v39.0.0, I will no longer provide binaries for openSUSE in general and for 32-bit versions of Fedora anymore. For openSUSE current binaries are always available from the Open Build System within a couple of hours from release. For Fedora: with v31 Fedora dropped support for 32-bit. That fact in conjunction with changes to my automatic build system mean that building 32-bit binaries for Fedora 29 & 30 became too much of a hassle.

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